Star Crack

Star Crack is an environmentally non-explosive friendly demolition agent.


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Star Crack is an environmentally friendly non-explosive demolition agent, which is popular
in the Local and International quarrying and demolition market. When mixed with clean
and cold water to form a mortar like substance, and poured into pre-drilled holes of rock
or concrete, it swells and exerts expansive capabilities on the hole-wall at a unit value of
more than 50 Mpa (500kg/ cm²) which is strong enough to cut and crack concrete,
marble and granite after a certain period with no noise, no vibration, no ash, no toxic gas
and no flying rocks. It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-explosive, requires very little

training of personnel, easy to use and controllable.

In addition the use of Star Crack is not restricted to the holders of blasting certificates
alone, which in terms of International and Local Legislation governs the usage of
explosive materials


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