Diamond Wire

Why diamond? Because diamond is one of the hardest materials on the planet and is an effective method for cutting through any material that’s softer than it, which is practically everything.

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Diamond wire is placed around a material that needs to be cut, or threaded through a bore hole, and is then run at speed to utilize abrasion, to effectively cut through natural stone blocks/slabs, concrete or reinforced steel. This method can produce a lot of heat and needs cooling so it can be used.


Available Accessories


Quarry:  Rubberized                     – 1DIASTAWIRQNC
Stationary:  Plasticized                 – 1DIASTAWIRS
Beads Granite and Marble 11×6 – 1DIABEAGRA11X6 / 1DIABEAMAR11X6
Joints 8×20 and 9×25                   – 1DIAJOIN8X20WIRE / 1DIAJOIN9X25WIRE
Crimp machine, Tool Case, Head (complete) – 1DIACRIMACHD45 and
MK 8 Kit for Crimp machine and spares         – 1DIAMK8KIT
Diamond Wire Sawing machines – Example, click here
Standard Pulley 320 mm or 400 mm for diamond wire   – 1DIAPUL320STD / 1DIAPUL400STD
Flywheel Rubber for diamond wire sawing machines       – 1DIARUB366FLYW
Springs for assembling diamond wire for marble sawing – 1DIASPRING1.3MARW

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