Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Wire Saw – DNS55AX

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Diamond Wire Saw – DNS55AX


Main  Motor  Power  55kw
Flywheel  diameter  800mm
Linear  Cutting  Speed  20-40m/sec
Diamond  wire  length  20-120mt


The electronic inverter allows the linear speed to be varied from 20-40m/sec.  The electronic feed control system guarantees constant diamond wire tension which increases the life expectancy  of the diamond beads.  The 360° rotation of the flywheel holder head is motorized and allows simple and quick positioning of the machine and permits two paralled cuts 1600mm apart without moving the machine.


Both horizontal and vertical cuts can be made.  Uniquely designed feed system has a central rack with gears on steel cylinders, which is maintenance free, mounted on the rail which avoids  slipping due to mud deposits, and permits accurate positioning of the machine even on steep slopes.


Diamond wire saw for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, reinforced concrete and rock.  A rugged, reliable machine that is simple to operate and very efficient.

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