Hydro  Bag  plant  with  pushing/revolving  steel  bags,  made  of  :  
Power  pack  with  pump  for  water  inlet  into  bags  (working  pressure  30  bar)  powered  by  electric  motor  (400  V/50  Hz).  Possibility  to  use  3  bags  simultaneously,  obtaining  a  total  capacity  of  900  tons.      Steel  Bag  1000  x  1000mm  with  300  ton  capacity.

The 'Hydrobag' is an ideal product for use in tight quarrying situations when access to granite and marble rock benches is difficult to reach with excavators etc...

The bags measuring 1 meter x 1 meter are inserted into the bench crevice and then pumped full with water by means of a specially desgined 'hydrobag' pump causing the bag to expand to around 300 mm which gently shifts the block creating enough space to proceed with other mechanical systems to further removal of the block from the bench.

The 'Hydrobag' is capable of withstanding 300 ton capacity,